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Class of 2020

Class photo
Adam Chew Yong Soon profile photo

Adam Chew Yong Soon

Big fan of Hamilton

Agnes Natasya profile photo

Agnes Natasya

happy tummy happy me

Andy Lam profile photo

Andy Lam

coffee, climbing and computers.

Aung Thuya Oo profile photo

Aung Thuya Oo

I learnt Computer Science to make video games!

Bill Chee profile photo

Bill Chee

I have great things to do and places to be

Cai Jiaxiu profile photo

Cai Jiaxiu

I'm Jiaxiu, year 4 CS student.

Calvin Chen Xingzhu profile photo

Calvin Chen Xingzhu

good at being bored

Chan Wai Hon Jonathan profile photo

Chan Wai Hon Jonathan

Need more time...

Chow Yi Wai profile photo

Chow Yi Wai

I am a Year 3 Computer Science and Mathematics student.

Chow Yi Yin profile photo

Chow Yi Yin

I am Yi Yin, a Year 3 Computer Science and Mathematics undergraduate.

Christian James Welly profile photo

Christian James Welly

Putting the J Welly in a "Job Welly Done"

Christopher Goh Zhen Fung profile photo

Christopher Goh Zhen Fung

gimme some hotpot and i'll code

Daniel Wong Yong Shen profile photo

Daniel Wong Yong Shen

Fixing phones and debugging code are but two sides of the same coin.

David Choo profile photo

David Choo

I love anime, code and stars

Dong SiJi profile photo

Dong SiJi

I like myself a good meme.

Elliot Tan profile photo

Elliot Tan

someone get me a dog please!!

Gabriel Tan Chuan En profile photo

Gabriel Tan Chuan En

A generalist by nature. On top of doing full-stack development, of course.

Georgie Lee profile photo

Georgie Lee

True bliss is when your hands never leave the keyboard. Zealous vim, tmux user.

He Xinyue profile photo

He Xinyue

what, so everyone's supposed to sleep every single night now?

Ho Hol Yin profile photo

Ho Hol Yin

I like to swim!

Jiang Yuxin profile photo

Jiang Yuxin

I am passionate about coding and cooking.

Jon Chua profile photo

Jon Chua

Can good code and good sleep coexist?

Lim Yong Shen, Kevin profile photo

Lim Yong Shen, Kevin

Programmer, foodie and (amateur) investor.

Liu Guangyuan (Gary) profile photo

Liu Guangyuan (Gary)

// TODO: think of something cool

Liu Zechu profile photo

Liu Zechu

I have discovered a truly marvellous description, which this margin is too narrow to contain.

Liu Zimu profile photo

Liu Zimu

'0' is start.

Mario Lorenzo profile photo

Mario Lorenzo

Tomorrow will be a better day

Na Nazhou profile photo

Na Nazhou

I love spicy food

Nelson Tan Kok Yi profile photo

Nelson Tan Kok Yi

Amazing and fun!

Neo Ming Jie profile photo

Neo Ming Jie

Feed me and I will work

Ong Yan Chun profile photo

Ong Yan Chun

i'm also known as Yanch. i wonder what the character limit is for this one-line description—

Otto Alexander Sutianto profile photo

Otto Alexander Sutianto

Impossible we do, Miracle we try

Pan Yongjing profile photo

Pan Yongjing


Phillmont Muktar profile photo

Phillmont Muktar

I code fueled by glycogen.

Poh Lin Wei profile photo

Poh Lin Wei

Seeking simplicity in chaos.

See Zi Yang profile photo

See Zi Yang


Tan Jin Ying profile photo

Tan Jin Ying


Tan Teik Jun profile photo

Tan Teik Jun


Wang Runding profile photo

Wang Runding

Come for NUS Guitar Ensemble concert:)

Yehezkiel Raymundo Theodoroes profile photo

Yehezkiel Raymundo Theodoroes

Bread is roti, friend is kawan, before you mati, stay safe everywan.

Yen Ren Zuo Brian profile photo

Yen Ren Zuo Brian

Coder and Design Enthusiast

Yoke Kai Xin profile photo

Yoke Kai Xin

I'm Kai Xin and well, a happy person ( :P) who loves to attempt a variety of things for exposure and interest ( :) )