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Class of 2018

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Ang Yee Chin profile photo

Ang Yee Chin

One line is too short to describe how awesome I am

Anthony Tantra profile photo

Anthony Tantra

Just a civil engineer passionate about building buildings and developing applications :D

Charis Anne Lim profile photo

Charis Anne Lim

actually lowkey wants to be a farmer in japan that grows melon and strawberries

Chiang Weng Kiat profile photo

Chiang Weng Kiat

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, only backwards

Edmund Mok profile photo

Edmund Mok

Looking for a job starting 2019.

Ewald Hew profile photo

Ewald Hew

if (Boolean.toString(condition).equals("true")) { return null; } // ⋃𝇙╽ʗ∘𐌃Ɛ 🅱Ɽ𝚘Қﻍ

Foo Guo Wei profile photo

Foo Guo Wei

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.

Herald Yu Hong profile photo

Herald Yu Hong

Think music. Write code.

John Phua Tai Da profile photo

John Phua Tai Da

Input: tea --> Output: code

Lim Hui Qi profile photo

Lim Hui Qi

Gamer, develop games, otaku, dancer.

Luo Yuyang profile photo

Luo Yuyang

Loading ...

Mai Ngoc Thien Trang profile photo

Mai Ngoc Thien Trang

This is the beginning of something great.

Nicholas Lui Ming Yang profile photo

Nicholas Lui Ming Yang

Normal is overrated

Qiu Siqi profile photo

Qiu Siqi


Qiu Siyu profile photo

Qiu Siyu

We've taken the world apart, but we have no idea what to do with the pieces.

Samuel Henry Kurniawan profile photo

Samuel Henry Kurniawan

I gain ATP by processing my code

Sreyans Sipani profile photo

Sreyans Sipani

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.

Suyash Shekhar profile photo

Suyash Shekhar

learning how to learn

Tan E-Liang profile photo

Tan E-Liang

Master of edge cases

Tan Su Yee profile photo

Tan Su Yee

I like cats

Tay Yu Jia profile photo

Tay Yu Jia

Lorem ipsum dolo

Trung Hiếu Lê profile photo

Trung Hiếu Lê

I love eating :D

Vu Xuan Minh profile photo

Vu Xuan Minh

A blast to be around with

Wong Kang Fei profile photo

Wong Kang Fei

Sic Parvis Magna

Wu Zhaoxuan profile photo

Wu Zhaoxuan

Why be good when you can be great?

Wyin Kok profile photo

Wyin Kok

Bubble tea enthusiast

Yong Lin Han profile photo

Yong Lin Han

I work hard so that I can be lazy