Why CS3216?

It's not the same

CS3216 is not your traditional software engineering course. You will not have lectures teaching you how to write in a particular programming language. You will not have assignments that assess you only for the quality of your code. You will not have a bar set for you. In fact, we don't even know how high the bar is.

It's about your dreams

Inspired by The Last Lecture (opens in a new tab) (or "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"), this course is your chance to start realising your dreams today. You will get the chance to show off your creativity to do something different.

You are free to build almost anything under the sun.

It's about change

It will be a mistake to think that CS3216 is about teaching you how to work on new platforms. The world changes so fast that it will be obsolete by the time you graduate. In fact, you are more or less expected to learn them on your own.

It's not about learning how to work on a platform. It's about learning how to learn. It's about equipping yourself with the ability to pick up new skills on the fly to face a changing world.

It's not just about coding

Enrolment to this course is open to students of all faculties and students. You will work in small inter-disciplinary teams to create your killer applications.

Programming experience for non-School of Computing (SoC) students is not a pre-requisite since work will be done in teams. In previous years, we have had students from Science, Arts and Social Sciences, Business (including an MBA student) and Engineering in addition to SoC.